Our main office is located in the cosy part of Denmark, at the island Taasinge in the western Baltic Sea region.

Modern communication facilities allow our headquarters to process all orders for QuickField Professional placed by the customers from any part of the world. We closely cooperate with International Express Mail services and all shipments to any destinations are delivered within several days.

Being very international, we are closely connected with neighbouring cultural, industrial and scientical traditions.

The nearby town Svendborg is known for the shipping companies and many sailors living here. Maersk – one of the world largest companies, involved in container transportation and other businesses, was established here in 1912 by Mr. Anders P. Moeller.

Outstanding physicist Hans Christian Oested was born in another nearby town, Rudkoebing in the pharmacists’ family in 1777. In 1820 Mr. Oersted discovered the electro magnetism by leading electric current in wire nearby a compass needle. Physical unit for coercitive force measurement is named after him.  

Pharmacy in Rudkoebing, there the physicist Hans Christian Oested was born


Villa Anna in Svendborg, there Maersk founder Mr. Anders P. Moeller was born.

Hans Christian Oersted painted by Marstrand

Southern Denmark has famous history, stable present and promising future. It is a good place to live and to work. Here are some local links:
www.denmark.dk – information about Denmark
www.svendborg.dk – offical website of Svendborg
www.odense.dk – Odense, city close to Svendborg, capital of South Funen island
http://www.encyclopedia.com/html/o/oersted.asp – biography of Oersted